Thursday, February 05, 2009

Feeling bad

According to my doctor, this is my "usual" time of year for feeling bad.  He looked back at the last two years and sure enough I had come in with the same complaints at about the same time.  So... he gave me the same treatment - a Celestone shot to open me up and make me feel better and a Z-pack to treat the "disease" factor.  Oh yeah, my blood pressure was 144/101 in the office.  He said that it was just because I felt so badly and my ears were completely filled with fluid and my throat looked bad (but not like Strep - which is what I suspected).  He said I should go home and rest a couple of days and then I should feel like working on Friday.  That was Wednesday.

You know it is hard to focus on anything, let alone work at your job, when your head hurts so bad and you feel like if you don't lay down then you are going to fall down. My eyes just hurt so bad and my ears like they were being pushed out of my head from the inside.  When I drove my car home, I felt nauseated. And then there is my neck hurt - it hurts all of the time (but that is another story).  My back hurt.  My shoulders hurt.  My legs hurt.  Everything hurt.  Also, I was having back and forth cold and hot spells.  So my boss let me go home early.  That was Tuesday.

Today is Thursday - and I do feel better.  I am not quite up to speed, but I am much better than I felt on Tuesday or yesterday.  My throat is still bothering me some, but it is only red on the left side - so that is better.  My ears don't hurt, but now my jaws do and I don't know how to make that stop.  Of course my neck still hurts... My eyes are uncomfortable, but not anything like they were.  My back and other aches seem to be nearly gone, so I guess the medicines and rest are doing their jobs.

I guess I will be back "on the job" tomorrow taking care of other sick and hurt people and not focussing on myself.  And maybe I won't be feeling bad anymore... at least until this time next year - if my Doctor is right.

I hope you are feeling well!