Sunday, October 04, 2009

Time to Post Something

I was talking to a friend at work on Friday when he said that he looks at my blog sometimes and was wondering if I am ever going to update it.
I know it has been a while since I have blogged anything, but I just haven't known what to blog about.
I could write about Africa and how great the medical mission was this year, but how we spent a lot of time texting back and forth with our daughter to check up on Doug's mom. We were so afraid that she might die while we were gone, but we had made our decision earlier in the year and Maui really wanted us to go. So with Doug's sister Jayne and our daughter Nichole taking excellent care of Maui, not to mention our other two Bryson and Michael, our daughter-in-law Michelle, Bryson's girlfriend Katie, and niece Brooke helping... We took off for Africa.
When we got back, Maui was still alive and had been anxiously awaiting our return. She then began a quick and steady decline and we said goodbye to Maui on August 10th near midnight.
We miss her very much. She suffered so much - so much. But she taught us all so much by the way she lived. I will write more about Maui at another time. She was a remarkable woman that I love, loved, will always love.
I could write about Michael and Michelle's wedding and our trip to Illinois. I could write about their reception, which we had just two weeks ago.
I could write about several other things, but I will do that in a day or two because right now it is bedtime... and I have to work tomorrow.
I just thought that if I could get a few words down then I will have blogged something and that will make it easier to blog something in a day or two.
My hat is off to those people who blog every day or at least every week. Their lives may be more interesting than mine or maybe they just blog instead of talking to themselves. You know get the thoughts out in cyberspace.
Well, enough for now. I will be back. Soon. I promise.