Sunday, December 14, 2008

i am not a computer (or electronic) geek

Doug and I went Christmas shopping today. We were pretty successful. I still have more shopping to do, but what I have left is very manageable so I feel quite satisfied with that part of my day.

While we were out getting a few necessities, I decided it was time to buy printer cartridges (our color has been out forever and the black is just a vapor). Well, I had looked at the cartridges so I knew exactly which ones to get - 23 and 24... when I got home the empty ones happened to be numbered 33 and 34 - so I get to go back to Wal-Mart tomorrow to change those out. Ughhh!

Also, while we were at Wal-Mart, I decided it was time to by a wireless router so that Bryson (my 25 year old son - back home after his recent divorce) can use his computer and I can use my ipod touch. Well, we got home - got out the box - put in the CD - followed the directions... it didn't work. Tried again... still didn't work. After about a dozen tries... still didn't' work! Well I got that box and called that 24 hour help line. The guy that answered was very kind even though he was a little hard to understand. He had me change the IP address and about a dozen other things that the CD in the box NEVER would have had me do and "PRESTO" it works now. How about that?

What is the moral of the story? When you buy a new computer gadget, just call the 24 hour help number and don't bother with the CD. It will be a lot faster and you won't have to get frustrated.

Smiles all around. ipod touch internet works. Laptop internet works. Thanks Linksys help man! :)

Now, I can get on with the rest of my Christmas shopping (and returning those ink cartridges).

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