Monday, May 04, 2009

May showers bring June weddings

Yesterday was the wedding shower for my son Michael and his fiance' Michelle.  It was wonderful and crowded and loud and fun.  I say that is true, but if you could have seen Michael...

Linda, one of the hostesses, said that if Michael wanted to be at the shower then he should come to the shower.  Now if you are getting presents and having food also, then that is a place that sounds like fun.  So Michael accompanied Michelle to the shower.

Michelle's mother, Sandy, came all the way from Illinois to be here for the shower.  We all had matching corsages (not Michael) and they were beautiful.  The food was great - cookies with blue and green frosting, chocolate chip cookies, thumbprint cookies, fresh fruit and almond tea punch!  Everything was decorated so pretty - lace and hints of blue and green in just the right hues of Michelle and Michael's wedding.  And presents... Michelle and Michael opened presents until it was time to leave.  They got so many wonderful and useful gifts (even a beautiful homemade quilt from KT). Everyone was so thoughtful and generous.  It is always a bit humbling to be so showered with love and generosity -- but I digress.

They were both a little nervous at the beginning of the shower (being the center of attention), but it didn't last long. Michelle opened the presents and Michael played with them.  A friend of theirs was taking pictures - that is where Michael had his fun!  I will enclose a few pictures so you can see how he enjoyed the shower. 

No really, Michelle and Michael did enjoy everything and were so surprised  that they got so many of their selections and that so many people came.  They were nearly overwhelmed by it all.  They have moved the gifts into the apartment where they will live after the wedding and now begin the task of writing thank you notes. 

For those of you wondering about my neck...
I am recovering fine.  This is my last week off of work so things are getting back to normal.  I am just trying to give myself every chance to have enough energy to do my job next week.  Thank you for your prayers for my surgery and recovery.

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