Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Zambia

we finally arrived at Namwianga Mission about 9:30 last night. We are staying with the Moono's (where I stayed in 2004). I had a good night's sleep. Doug slept better,but still needs more to catch up. Breakfast was at 8 am and then I went up to the hospital to look at some needs for L&D. They need a new incubator for all of the babies that have been born lately - 18 just last week! The incubators can be bought in Lusaka for only $3500 and are perfect for Zambia. I will have pictures later. Also, they only have enough clamps for 6 packs to be sterile at one time. They only need 1 Kocher and 1 peon.
We will have lunch soon and then the big team will arrive. Jan and Katie, Jill and Blaine will be here and we will be all together. Hopefully, their luggage will arrive with them:) We will get a group picture for you, Maui. Church tomorrow and then Monday we leave for Simalundu and our first clinic.
More news later. Pass this on to everyone.

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