Saturday, January 23, 2010

What to say... what to say

I don't know why it is so hard for me to blog. I read other people's blogs everyday. Most of them don't really have anything to say - they are just blogging about what they do everyday or other random thoughts. I seam to have a hard time doing that. I thought that maybe if I change the picture on my header, then I might find something to say... maybe not.
I am trying to find great words of wisdom or something witty to say... but I am coming up blank. Why you say? I talk all the time at work you say? I talk to myself sometimes, why can't I find anything to say to this computer and you people out in cyberspace? Maybe there is too much distraction around me.
Doug and Michael (my youngest) are playing ping pong on the wii - loudly. The dogs are scratching on the back door because they want in. (I would let them in and will in a little while, but their feet are muddy because it rained here today.) The laundry room door is open and the washer and dryer are running. I am surrounded by noise. I guess I do not have the gift of great concentration... at least when I am writing.
Doug would take exception with that notion when I watch TV. He says that the house could and would burn to the ground around me before I would turn my attention away from the TV. Most of the time that is what I hear when he wants my attention. "... and then the house burned down!" Well he is a fireman, what else is he going to say?
It's just that there is some good stuff on the TV, you know? I think that I would probably die (from disappointment) if I didn't have a DVR so that, when I am away from home, I can record the shows or movies that I want to see. I am a regular watcher of - o.k. I am addicted to - Heros, House, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Ghost Whisperer, not to mention the HGTV channel's Divine Design, Color Splash and Dear Genevieve. Occasionally I watch shows about cakes.
I have my DVR set so that I can watch on show and record another. I go back and watch them when there is nothing else on TV. I erase them after I watch them, so it's o.k. Doug could do the same thing if he wanted to, or if he knew how to, I don't know which. I just know he gets mad if I have something recording on both DVR channels because then he can't go in our bedroom and watch anything else. The grandkids know how to record because sometimes after they go home, I find 10 shows of Hanna Montana or some other kid show on the DVR. Oh, well...
Supper is ready, so I am going to stop writing now. We can eat... as soon as we can turn off the wii!

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