Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th of July! This is always a good day.
We will be off to our annual 4th of July parade for the "Hillcrest edition" - that is the edition of Abilene that we live in. It takes in most of the ACU hill, or "holy hump" as some call it. It just so happens that it starts around the corner from where we go to church - Hillcrest Church of Christ. I think it was the creation of Liz Rotenberry, Linda Light and Star Ferguson.
It is always a lot of fun, doesn't last too long and ends with a visitation time combined with lots of homemade ice cream and cookies. Almost everyone wears red, white and blue - and waves a U.S. flag. We are a patriotic bunch. Those who want to be in the parade can walk, ride a bicycle (or 4-wheeler like Doug & I will), drive an old car or truck, or ride on a flatbet trailer sitting on an old couch! ha, ha...
We always have a police car - driven by our very own neighborhood policeman, Berney. And what parade would be complete without a firetruck and firemen? Certainly not ours - station #5 will be there with lights flashing and an occational honk. This year the firemen and policemen, along with their families, are the "grand marshals" of the parade. Liz has guaranteed that there is a place for Doug and me (on the 4-wheeler) and balloons for us to attatch to our "ride".
Sometimes Ally and Parker are in the parade. They will not be here until later in the day, so this year we will parade without them.
At last years parade, Paul (my son-in-law) was home on leave from Iraq and it was especially wonderful to all be together. You just better understand what celebrating freedom means when you actually have a family member fighting for your country and everything you believe in. This year he is home from Iraq (he got home on Christmas eve) and we are thankful for those who are fighting overseas, but most of all thankful that he is with us and not having to be there right now.
We really don't have any other plans for the day. We may go out to the farm for a while this evening. We might even find a little time for some fireworks. We have friends, Robin & Brenda that live close to the park where the fireworks display will be. Last year we sat in their front yard and watched the show - while we battled "killer mosquitos". I hate those little blood suckers! I know God had a purpose for everything He made, but I sure can't figure out what good purpose they have.
My main goal for today is to get Michael finished packing for Zambia. We will leave at 5:45 tomorrow morning to take him, David C., H.G & Ronnie M. to DFW airport. Michael says he is fine, but I think he is a little nervous. He is going by himself this year. He is perfectly capable of that, and this is his 3rd trip to Zambia, but he hasn't seen Michelle since spring break and he won't meet up with her until D.C. - so he is anxious to get there! Also, he isn't sure who he is going to be staying with while in Zambia. He is hoping for a familiar face.
I will close now. I have to get ready for the parade!
I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July. Remember to pray thanksgiving for our freedom AND remember to pray for the safety of all of our soldiers!

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