Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chinese food

I like Chinese food. I would say I love it, but I don't think about eating it 3 times a week or sometimes at all. I love Mexican food. I do enjoy Chinese - especially SzeChuan. Did I mention that my son, Michael works at SzeChaun? I didn't? Well, he is a waiter there. Sometimes he calls before he leaves to see if I want him to bring me anything.

Tonight he got through early and brought chicken and vegetables with chicken fried rice and egg rolls home for Ally, Parker and me. He brought General Tsao's chicken for him.

I am "on call" so I stay home and don't go anywhere generally - that means out to eat also. I was beginning to wonder what we were going to do for supper. Did I mention we need to go to the grocery store and that we are out of any real food? Well, we are.

Ally had already told me that we had been inside ALL DAY and that it is really BORING.

So I talked her into watching a movie that I had recorded on my DVR and actually one that she hasn't seen - Akeelah and the Bee. She really enjoyed it. She was surprised by the prejudice that she seemed to see in it. She thought the black/white thing was from a long time ago. I think that is amazing. She has a really close friend that is a black girl and her school is very mixed because she lives in Killeen and there are mostly military kids there. I guess she doesn't see or feel any prejudice there. That is great. I guess most of the prejudice I have seen seems to be in my age and above. I wish that there wasn't any at all. I know there won't be any prejudice in heaven. God loves us all - after all, He created us all... in His image. Maybe her generation will be the one that really can change the world.

But I digress...

Any way so the DVR movie and 'enter' uncle Michael with Chinese food saves the day. Yeah!!!

Well, I don't have anything else to say really. I guess I will say goodbye. I need to cut Michael's hair so he can go home shower and get back to spend the night. He will be in "babysitter" mode in case I have to go to work tonight. I am first call 11-7 and Doug is at the fire station.

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