Saturday, June 21, 2008

blogging once again


O.K. this is try #4. I keep hitting the wrong button and erasing the post before I can finish it. (Say a little prayer - maybe I can do it this time)

After litterally hours of trying to reactivate and re-template this blogspot, and now several attempts at posting...

I first created this site almost 2 years ago, in the wee hours of the morning of my anniversary. Doug was at work and I was bored. I had been reading Amber's blogspot and thought I would try blogging for myself. I never blogged again on this site... until today.

I have blogged just a bit on my myspace page, but no one reads it except for my daughter and me. Maybe I will have better luck with this site.

I first became a blog reader of Amber's site - my good friend (who just got married!),, but have added a few more to my favorites:
my close friend, nursing school study buddy & (most important) prayer partner - Traci, my cousin - Jordan, Linda Gregersen (who I met in Zambia), and now I can keep up with ZMM on

the official site for this years Zambia Medical Mission

I am going to take a break now. All of this re-posting has worn me out, and I am starving! I will be back and get started.

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