Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red River

Sunday evening in Abilene. It's been hot here all day, but it doesn't really matter because I took the world's longest nap... at home... alone.

Doug and my grand kids, Ally and Parker, are in Red River, New Mexico at the RRFE (Red River Family Encampment - see link). There it is 53 degrees right now and it will be in the low 40's in the morning when they wake up. Red River is beautiful. It smells good. It feels wonderful there, and that is not just the temperature - the whole atmosphere is relaxing and happy.

Not this year, but usually we take our 4-wheeler to ride the mountain trails just behind the condo we stay in. It is always a fun afternoon. We usually go with our friends, Ron and Teresa from Clovis, NM. When we are riding, Doug and I are ageless and free. We can talk and laugh, stop and take pictures at beautiful spots, occasionally discover a new trail, or meet a new friend on the trail. The only worry we have there is to be back in time for the evening tent service at 6pm. (We are very careful where we ride, if it looks dangerous - we don't go that way. NO LECTURES PLEASE)

In my last blog, I mentioned that I am on the "every other year" plan for ZMM (Zambia Medical Mission - see links). That also puts me on the "every other year" plan for the RRFE. This is not my year. It also may not be my year for ZMM, but that will be another post - when I am sure.

So here I sit, while they are in Red River going to tent meetings and classes, having the condo pot luck on Monday, fishing and shopping with the grand kids, seeing friends that we only see at RRFE, smelling and feeling the great openness and freedom of the mountain air, exploring new places, and being with Maui (Doug's mom) and his sisters and their families.

I wish I was there!!!

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